Unity Missionary Baptist Church

 Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of this church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community and spreads overseas to every nation. Church members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as washing the church vehicles to preparing the church bulletins.

Rev. Michael Fullard

1st Lady
Gloria Fullard

Ministerial Ministry
Evang. Rosa Scott, Asst. Pastor
Dr. Eloise Denson
Min. Josephine King
Min. Lillian Williams
Evang. Sarah Jackson

Ronald Mack, Chair
Kenneth Robinson, Vice
Jesse Moore
Johnny King
Frank Harris
Lindsey Johnson

Dorothy Harris, Pres.
Mother Jennie Mixon, Vice
Kathryn Mack
Margie Johnson
Patrice Robinson

Carlton Mack, Chair
Melvin Goodley, Vice
Anthony Pinckney
Louis McMillian
Michael Tucker
Charles Brunson
Carl Holcy
Henry Surles

Jr. Trustees
Bobby Brown
Kevin Graham

Church Clerk / Secretary
Rosa Weathersby

Elonda Mack

Finance Committee
Pastor Michael Fullard
Carlton Mack
Melvin Goodley
Johnny King
Elonda Mack
Evang. Rosa Scott
Rosa Weathersby

Children Church
1st Lady Gloria Fullard

Sunday School
Lorraine Joyner, Superintendent
Min. Lillian Williams, Asst.

Church Mothers
Mother Jennie Mixon
Mother Ida Fleming

Church Decorator

Mass Choir
Bobby Brown, Pres.
Dwight Glenn, Vice President
Elaine Bennett, Sec.
Renee Glenn, Asst. Sec.
Bonnie Gantt, Treas.
Patrice Robinson, Asst. Treas.
Katrina Mack, Director
Dr. Eloise Denson, Chaplain & Spiritual Advisor

Jubilee Choir
Shirley Smith, Pres.
Mother Ida Fleming, Vice
Mother Jennie Mixon, Pres. Emeritus
Barbara Johnson, Asst. Sec.
Jesse Moore, Treas.
Bonnie Gantt, Asst. Treas.
Dorothy Harris, Chaplain

Mighty Voices
Melvin Goodley, Pres.
Henry Surles, Vice
Bobby Brown, Sec.
Carl Holcy, Treasurer
Bobby Brown, Asst. Treas.
Lindsey Johnson, Chaplain

Praise Team
Katrina Mack, Director
Bobby Brown, Asst.
Marlene Charley
Kyra Jackson
Renee Glenn
Kelcey King
Dwight Glenn

Ronald Mack, Pres.
Donald Robinson, Vice Pres.
Bobby Brown, Sec.
Carlton Mack, Liason
Carl Holcy, Treasurer
Bobby Brown, Asst. Treas.
Frank Harris, Chaplain

Women Enrichment Ministry
Elaine Bennett, President
LaVida Thomas, Vice Pres.
Patrice Robinson, Treasurer
Evang. Sarah Jackson, Spiritual Adv.

Patrice Robinson, Pres.
O'Linda Mack, Vice Pres.
O'Linda Mack, Sec.
Dwight Glenn, Treasurer
Roderick Haynes, Asst. Treas.
Terry Williams, Chaplain
Evang. Rosa Scott, Spiritual Advisor

Food / Compassionate Care Ministry
Junnie Wider, Chairperson
Melvin Goodley, Asst.
O'Linda Mack, Sec.
Lois Jones, Treas.
Dorothy Harris, Chaplain
Evang. Rosa Scott, Spiritual Advisor
Evang. Sarah Jackson, Spiritual Advisor

Frank Harris
Dorothy Harris

P.E.P. Senior Ministry
Rosa Weathersby, Director
Keisha Mack, Sec.
Junnie Wider, Culinary
Jesse Knox, Hospitality

Missionary Ministry
Evang. Rosa Scott, Pres.
Evang. Sarah Jackson, Vice Pres.
O'Linda Mack, Sec.
Lorraine Joyner, Treas.
Mother Ida Fleming, Chaplain
Dorothy Harris, Asst. Chaplain

Youth Ministry
Katrina Mack, Director

Angels of Praise
Lacretia Knapper, Director

Young Sons of Unity Mime
Bobby Brown, Director
Roderick Haynes, Asst.

Chosen Generation
Katrina Mack, Director

Performing Arts Ministry
Katrina Mack

Tape Ministry / Media Public Relations
Johnny King

Van Ministry
Melvin Goodley, Director
Kenneth Robinson, Asst.

Pastor's Aide
Kathryn Mack, Pres.
Junnie Wider-Johnson, Vice Pres.
O'Linda Mack, Sec.
Renee Glenn, Asst. Sec.
Margie Johnson, Treas.
Letha Williams, Asst. Treas.
Dorothy Harris, Chaplain

Nurses Guild
Tiffany Scott

Intercessory Prayer
Evang. Rosa Scott, Director
Evang. Sarah Jackson, Asst.

Redeeming Rangers / Parking Ministry
Carlton Mack (Interim)
Melvin Goodley (Interim)

Prison Ministry
Dr. Eloise Denson, Ministry Leader
Evang. Sarah Jackson, Asst.
Iris Vereen, Sec.

The Moore Scholarship Fund
Deacon Jesse Moore
Letha Williams

Program Committee
Rosa Weathersby, Chairperson
Evang. Rosa Scott
Letha Williams
Jessie Knox

A Prayer Poem For Our Leaders

Lord we lift our leaders up in prayer
Every burden Lord help them bear
Give them strength and the ability
To fulfill their purpose and responsibilities.

Lord shelter them in your arms
And keep them safe from all harms
Guard their hearts and minds
May life always treat them kind.

Help them to stand in this hour
Not in their own strength but by Your power
Remove every sin and pride
In Your presence let them abide.

May they live holy and upright
So their lives will be a guiding light
Help them to stay humble and always pray
Let Your spirit teach them what to say.

Keep them from snare of the enemy
Give them faith in their adversities
May they always have faith and not doubt
Every yoke of bondage bring them out.

Our leaders need you like never before
Sin is increasing more and more
Let them be an example of Christ
Leading the way to eternal life.

In Jesus Name....Amen

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